Set Up Events

Over the last 25 years our Team has been hosting events and have established a reputation of “Getting the Job Done”  where we will fill those events with  delegates and attendees.  Lost is the skill set required to set up and tear down. In those 25 years we have perfected this side of the trade show business, where today in 24 hours we can tear down 60 outside tents, clear 300 indoor booths, roll up 3000 feet of carpet, stack 1000 chairs and tables, and roll up almost ½ mile of wiring.  When said and done in 24 hours we fill a 50” trailer with carpet, drapery, chairs and other booth accessories. And as events evolve where a stronger digital focus will be requested, Canadian Trade-ex will be introducing advanced software that will ensure that events hosted by us our on the technological cutting edge.

We welcome the opportunity of discussing how we can assist your organization hosting an exceptional event. We will avail to your group our complete skill set from Filling the event to set up and tear down.