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Canadian Trade-ex has been fortunate to work with a number of communities, organizations from the most Western part of Ontario to North-Western Quebec and many communities in between over the last 25 years.  Our success can be attributed to our small town values, where we understand that our job directly impacts communities, families and industry sectors. It is a level of accountability that is shared by each and every member of our Team.  We have never been big on self-promotion or any type of self-endorsement, we would rather show by example and lead by doing.  Our motto we are “doers, that will get the job done” a simple statement that reflects who and what we are all about.

Enclosed is a quotation from the Fort Francis Times that sums up our ability.

Saw Tech Log Expo Northwest 2009 Fort Francis “You would have never have known that the forestry industry is falling apart at the seams with the turn-out, at the Memorial Sports Center, Fort Francis this past weekend.  Sawtechlogexpo Rural Northwest was a success. Glenn Dredhart show organizer with Canadian Trade-ex pulled a rabbit out of the hat.” 

Regardless of our location or the industry that we are serving, our Team will work tirelessly on your behalf producing a product/service that will exceed your expectations.  We would be honored to speak to your organization about how our services and how they can benefit your group.

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