Hundreds of rural communities with economies that are tied to the cyclical nature of natural resources are looking towards a new sustainable business model. The one common thread that is shared amongst these rural communities is the awe inspiring beauty and vastness of their outdoors.  Some communities have begun to leverage what God has given them and are introducing “Recreation” styled events that is driving business growth and jobs.   

In the USA West, once booming timber towns, are working hard to rebrand themselves as “Adventure Destinations” , their adrenaline fix of choice is mountain biking.  Jeff McNamee a professor at Linfield College has documented the benefits of Adventure Events, namely mountain biking in 2 towns in the USA North West.  A typical 3 day event brings in $1million, and visitors from 5 countries and 28 states, totalling 1700.  The most surprising finding from McNamee’s research was the demographics of the visitors.   

“We tend to envision mountain bikers as young punks, but most visitors at these events were older adults with disposable incomes,” McNamee said. Almost three-quarters of the participants had incomes of $100,000 or higher, with 30 percent of all visitors making more than $200,000.

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